Online Freelancing (Virtual Assistance) vs Networking

I’ve been a Virtual Assistant for more than 4 years, and I love every bit of it. Isa ito sa mga major decisions na ginawa ko sa buhay ko. Especially, when I became a mom.

And for the past months, a lot of my friends and people asked me, What is Virtual Assistance? Is it a Job or a Raket? How do you do it? Why? Baket?? Ano ba pinakaiba ng Networking sa Online job? Homebased? Ano yun?

Unang una po, hindi po Raket ang pagiging Virtual Assistant. Isa po itong trabaho. Let me be clear I have nothing against Networkers, I am a networker myself, and I consider networking as one of my major source of income, pero lets define the difference between Virtual Assistance (Online Freelancing) and Networking…

Napansin ko,especially sa mga Social Media, and News, ginagamit ng mga nag-aadvertise na mga Networkers ang term na “Hombeased Work”, tama naman yun, ang pag nenetworking, Homebased job yan, kung saan nag iinvite ka ng mga pwedeng maging downline o members ng group mo for a certain Brand (example: Royale, Uno,S2S, etc.) using Social Media like Facebook, twitter, Messenger and other forms of Social Media,. Also sa networking may mga products, mostly Health and Wellness related products na kailangan ibenta, (I love buying these products actually,kasi it really has good effect sa health ko.)

Pinkish Glow, I bought this from a Friend na nag ro-Royale, I actually love this product, maganda ang results ng paggamit nito especially if you will use it with the Pinkish Glow Cream..

I will be posting a review about this Product in a separate post, so please standby for that…

FIBERICH, another product from Royale, na I am so obsessed with…

Also, if you are a networker you must attend seminars and trainings conducted by the Brand para mas maging effective ka na seller ng products na ino-offer nila. And if I’m not mistaken there are also quotas to meet that some Networking brands require for a new member to actually earn. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

So basically, that is Networking, now, ang pagiging Virtual Assistant o Online Freelancer ay iba, why?

Kapag Virtual Assistant o Online Freelancer ka, you will not need to invite anyone to join any group, actually meron kang Client o Company na pinagtratrabahuhan. You will have a contract (either Long Term o Project type contract) that states what kind of of professional work you will render for the Client or Company. Pero honestly, minsan yung work na nirerender,actually is more than what is stated sa contract nyo ni Client. So depende sayo kung paano mo gagawin ang trabaho.

Often times,actually lagi, kapag Virtual Assistant ka, the contracts that you will work on, are contracts with Clients out of the Country. Countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, India, Guam and more are the usual countries na nagha-hire ng Virtual Assiatants o Freelancer. According to my Clients, they hire Virtual Assistants, because its more affordable pagdating sa labor cost and they still get High Quality outputs from Filipino Professionals.

Higit sa lahat, a Virtual Assistant renders Professional works like Bookkeeping, Administrative works, HR tasks (such as Recruitment, Payroll,Timekeeping,etc.), Web Development, Data Analysis, and the likes. Yes, it is also a homebased o remote type of job, however,unlike Networking, where you are considered as a “PARTNER” ng company na sinalihan mo, sa Online Freelancing, you are actually considered as a remote employee by your Client.

And Virtual Assistants have salaries, either via fix amount or hourly rated salary. We have the option of getting paid either weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. At depende sa proposed rate mo ang sweldo mo. Normally, for newbies, $3/hour ang rate, but if you are a veteran o matagal nang VA, rates are usually at $6/hour depending on the type of service na inooffer mo. Or higher pa.

As well as, most of Us, have time trackers downloaded in our Laptops or tablets or desktops (depende kung ano gamit mo while working) para ma track ang aming work hours. These time trackers are actually how V.As like me track how much  we will earn for the week or for the month. This is also how our employers/ Clients, tracks and monitors us,if we are working or not.

UpWork Time Tracker, this is what most Freelancers and Clients of use to track work hours rendered for a particular contract

So that’s the difference of Networking and Online Freelancing (Virtual Assistance).

Let me know if you have other ideas and comments about this article, by putting it in the comment box. I would be happy to learn more about your views on this topic. 👩

Next article, I’ll try to answer more questions about Virtual Assistance, and what you need to start a successful career in Online Freelancing. 💻 So please wait for that.



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